Lynx Mattress
Mattress Lynx


100 % Latex foam, BAMBOO fabric ticking

Top of the Line 100 % Latex Mattress. This mattress, with a thickness rarely found in the market (22 cm core), guarantees unusual comfort and exceptional durability.
This especially significant thickness brings consistency, stability and very powerful body support at all times.

It\'s no secret. The thicker the mattress, the more optimal its performance.

This top-end comfort is obtained by joining two layers of Latex foam with very distinct properties. The main component is a 77 kg/m3 density latex slab, well-honeycombed and 22 cm thick. This foam slab provides an aerated, resilient and robust "foundation." Next, a special layer of extremely soft Latex is glued (using a water-based substance) to its surface. The product thus obtained provides a mattress that is soft and pleasant to the touch but with consistent support at its core.

This mattress is truly impressive for its stability and the reassuring sensation of being strongly supported.