It is currently impossible to produce viscoelastic foam with 100% organic components.
In truth, research and industrial production methods have simply not yet attained the requisite technological expertise.
For this reason the SANIMATEX organic concept is based on a philosophical and ethical approach that offers consumer products that respect the environment and humans, all the while promoting an equitable share of profits among each of the parties. This process naturally begins in a production environment that is classified ISO14001.
The SANIMATEX factory has been thus accredited for its compliance with a certain number of criteria, listed below:

- It produces its own energy through systems that do not depend on fossil fuels and that do not release harmful emissions with undesirable environmental effects.

- It manages personnel in a respectful and socially ethical manner. Raw material supplies must strictly adhere to the specifications of this green approach.

- Current production methods:
apply specifications, controls and possible corrections to be made.

- Future methods:
consider the integration and improvement of the ecological approach philosophy.

Mattresses produced in this factory are mainly an assembly of various types of foam, and other peripheral components.


Bamboo Fabric Mattresses